Attractive Floral Curtains (Blue shade)

Attractive Floral Curtains (Blue shade)

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Quantity: 2 Pcs.

Each 84 Inches Long
Size: 51×84″ (4.25×7 feet)



Texture: Flowers

So, you’re searching for modern curtains, and you have listened about  Cotton Duck fabric, but you’re not sure what they are?
Twill printed heavy quality fabrics are printed or embroidered look but are Soft Feel directly into the fabric.

It includes,

    • Elegant Comfort.
    • Easy care machine washes and line dry.
    • Luxury curtains set will provide you with quality and durability. 
    • Easily adjustable on 1 rod for easy fitting.
    • Ready-Made Curtains with Neat & Clean Stitching.